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Artists Application

WDH-Med-234x300Warren Horak co-founder of IndividuArt

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I have been an entrepreneur for most of my life. Currently I coach and mentor entrepreneurs with start-ups, as well as established medium sized businesses who are looking to grow profitably. We measure effective mentoring by the bottom line results –profitability!

My specialty is the effective use of Internet Marketing by integrating social media with conventional internet marketing practices. Profits are maximised by integrated social and conventional strategies which build web based presence and authority, producing measurable results.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs become more successful. My strengths are strategic thinking with a focus on maximising return on investment by using winning online and offline marketing and business strategies.

I utilise over 30 years of personal experience in many spheres business – from start-ups, to marketing, sales administration and general management.

The tools of my trade are coaching, mentoring, personal and business analysis, planning, training, team building, internet strategy and online marketing. I am also the founder of Inspirations Marketing which is a company that helps all types of businesses find their purpose, improve their sales and overall profitability.

The Business of Art

At IndividuArt we are passionate about helping talented artists sell and market their art by taking care of the business of art.

We work closely with our artists to help them build their brand.

We act as your business and marketing advisor and agent by taking care of the business side while you take care of what you love – art from your heart! We are looking for lifetime relationship – this is not a short term view.


Who and what are we looking for?

We are searching for two things:

1. Very marketable art

We are looking for artists anywhere in the world, who have truly unique art that is in high demand in the market. If you are this kind of artist you have worked long and hard to find your niche in the art market. What we can do for you is leverage this small success into a massive success and even into greatness as a successful artist who is delighting their fans and highly profitable!

2. These 7 indispensable characteristics for true success

No matter where you want real success you will need to build with some material. The main material we use is our character. Our personalities we were born with, but our character is something that is developed as we mature.

Those who want to be truly successful as artists in the “business of art” need to focus on developing the following seven pillars. You can be highly talented and a truly gifted artist, but if you want to succeed in the “business of art” you will need to focus not only on your art but also on these seven pillars.

1. Honesty

They value truth above all else.

They will admit faults even if it is costly.

2. Humility

They are always teachable

They have a deep desire to be coached into greatness

They admit mistakes and weaknesses to others

They are easily to correct

3. Full of love and passion

Love people

Love your customers and community

Love your calling and work and products

To be passionate about all of the above – this is what makes them really hungry…

4. Integrity

They are a person that does what they say and stick to their agreements, even if it costs them more.

5. Positive

They totally believe in their product and service beyond doubt.
They remain positive in times of difficulty and will always be positive and looking for solutions and not excuses.
They see each setback as a stepping stones or learning curve for future success.
They have vision and are not complainers and whiners.
They don’t associate with negative people and feed off such destructive though processes and discussions.
They are not one to speak behind others backs and stirring up strife.

6. Dilinacity is Diligent tenacity

They are highly disciplined in their work and work with a proper work ethic.
They are an extra mile person, they will go the extra mile to satisfy their clients.
They will never give up no matter what, give up is not in their vocabulary.
They have the substance called “Stickability”.
They will do what their coach advises.

7. Ingenuity – wisdom

They are a person who thinks on their feet and are looking for better concepts and ideas all the time.
They are problem solver at heart and come up with solutions and not just problems.
They have learnt to always do what you can, where you are, with what you have.
They find it important to take time to plan and then work their plan.

If you feel you this is definitely for you please contact us today

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